05 Apr, 20


After more than three decades of operation, during which a lot of things have changed in the construction sector, we are commitment to the same operating principles:

  • nderstanding and satisfying the needs of our clients
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services
  • The development of customer relationships that are based on trust, respect and support.

Our bussiness policy:

  • We follow closely technical innovations, new materials and novel production methods in our sector.
  • We invest continuously in new technologies and equipment adapting our production methods and company procedures in order to follow any new directive or standard.
  • We continuously renew, expand and improve our transportation means.
  • We trade steel of the highest quality manufactured to the highest specification (class B500C) by Greek and selected foreign manufacturers. We have compliance certificates (in accordance to the requirements of the Greek Standardization Organization) for any part of steel traded.
  • We invest on the continuous professional development of our personnel with regular seminars and training sessions.
  • We enforce strict health and safety regulation and we are trying to generate a pleasant environment to work in.
  • We have standardized production by establishing well defined procedures for each part of the production chain. This way we have achieved a high degree of homogeneity and very small production tolerances.
  • We listen carefully to our clients’ for suggestions or comments. We analyze any request or suggestion and adapt our procedures accordingly to produce the results that you need with the quality and reproducibility that we are known for.
  • We follow carefully the operation of all sectors of the company (management, sales, production, and transportation), statistically analyze the results and try to continuously improve performance and remove any systematic errors uncovered.

Since 2003 we have incorporated the ΕΛΟΤ EN ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance Program.